About Mont Blanc Coachingisabel ski steep

Thank you for taking the time to look at my web site.  I am Isabel Knight and since you are reading this page I am assuming that you want to know a little more about Mont Blanc Coaching and perhaps why you should choose me as your coach.

Firstly about Mont Blanc Coaching


Reconnecting people with their passion  for life and their business.


To offer coaching programmes that enable hundreds of individuals and businesses to articulate what they want, create a plan, and generate exceptional results on an on-going basis.

Core values

  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism

Strategic Focus

Mont Blanc Coaching was established to support people to get the results they want in their life and business.

I work with individuals and business leaders who are ready to reach a new level of performance in their lives and business, and who are willing and open to receiving coaching support to get there.

I typically work with organisations or individuals who want to achieve one of the following:

  1. Accelerate the current level of results being achieved
  2. Balance results in all areas of business and life
  3. Start creating results in new areas

Mont Blanc Coaching offers the chance to manage the process of change to get the results that you want.

Following one of my coaching programmes you will become an expert at producing results in your life and feel more in control of your own destiny.  You will bring balance back into your life and with it the  sense of excitement  and contentment that comes from knowing that you are in the driving seat of your life.

It is the chance to revisit long held dreams, dust them off, put aside fears and limiting beliefs and shoot for the moon.

Are you ready to become the person you already are?

So what’s in the name Mont Blanc Coaching?

I chose the name Mont Blanc Coaching because I spend a large amount of time living in sight of the stunning view of Mont Blanc.  I enjoy being in the mountains and I  love taking time to walk or cycle to the top of a mountain peak or pass.  As I start walking or biking I very soon start to get a different view of everything around me.  When I get to the top I can see for miles and miles and I can see everything below at once and how it all fits together.

This experience of being at altitude can be used in life to re-examine problems and issues.  If you can step back from an issue and get a higher view on what you are looking at, you will often find that the problem diminishes and the path to the solution is easily visible. Seeing things from this new perspective can be enlightening and empowering.

For me I also enjoy the physical challenge of getting to the top of a mountain or mountain col as this usually requires some inner strength to get past the physical pain and my internal voice going “This hurts! Why are you doing this?  STOP!”

I believe that the experience of committing to undertake a physically challenge – whatever this challenge is for you -is something that we can use in our day to day lives.  If we can conquer our internal dialogue to overcome our fears, obstacles and reasons for stopping, then we become unstoppable.  We can use the same strategies that we use to succeed in accomplishing something physically challenging –   to overcome issues that we might be facing in our day to day lives.  Succeeding at physical challenges can be  a very good way to train your mind to reach peak performance!

This is what I offer through coaching at Mont Blanc Coaching:

1) the chance to view personal or business issues from a new perspective (altitude coaching!)  that will open up new solutions and ways of doing things

2) the chance to make small changes in how you think and behave, which will lead to reconnecting with your dreams and profound change in your life or business.

My Story – How did I get here?

In brief:  Not so long ago, when I was in a dark place and really stuck in my life, a good friend asked me:  “What makes you come alive?”

Reflecting on just this one question led to a transformation in my life.  By closely examining what was important to me I chose to take a new path to become a professional personal and business coach and pursue all that I am passionate about in life.

A few more details:

0-18 – born, lived mostly quiet life in the UK with time also living and travelling all over the USA

18-33 – studied at UCL and LBS in London, did the Landmark “Forum” which changed my life, worked at an amazing Charity called the Hunger Project, worked in the exciting  world of high finance, became director of a large investment management company, invested in many interesting companies in emerging markets – before it became really trendy – hit a road block.….

33 – stepped out of my box and left London, the Corporate world and marriage to pursue long held dreams since 18 to learn to ski steep and deep powder (as they do in ski films) and learn a foreign language.

Since then – moved to Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc, learned lots of new things, reinvented myself many times, failed at a few things and finally discovered my purpose in life.

Currently – an accredited personal and small business coach with The Coaching Academy, a licensed  results coach with Best Year Yet, a registered and approved coach with GrowthAccelerator, an entrepreneur, mother of two fabulous children, endurance athlete, home-maker, friend to many lovely people, and committed to making a contribution in the world.

My unique skills as a coach

  • Dynamic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Committed
  • Curious
  • Reflective
  • Intuitive
  • Authentic
  • Compassionate
  • Experience at managing transition
  • Diverse business skills
  • Enhancing

My Passions

  • Learning new things
  • Engaging conversations
  • Coaching
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Skiing powder
  • Road biking up cols
  • Contributing to others
  • Self-development
  • Being present NOW – a lifelong work in progress


Thank you for reading this far….! If you want to find out more about Mont Blanc Coaching or me then please contact me via any of the ways listed on the contact form.  I am very happy to have a confidential conversation with you about what you might be interested in and how I could work with you.