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At Mont Blanc Coaching we use the Best Year Yet concept to manage the initial process of transformation.

The Best Year Yet  system is made up of three essential steps which is personally tailored for use by either individuals, companies or teams:

  1. Make your plan
  2. Track your plan
  3. Become an expert at producing results

Best Year Yet is a 10 question process in which your answers to these 10 questions will create clarity, confidence and focus for the future.  After answering the 10 questions you will have created a one page 12 month plan for yourself, business or team.  This one page plan, which can be done at any point in the year, creates the foundation and focus for the 12 months ahead .

The delivery of your plan is based on the generation of weekly, monthly and quarterly plans and reviews.  This is supported by the use of tracking software called PRO ( Producing Results Online).

Your Best Year Yet coach supports you in the on-going transformation process and works with you over 12 months to produce the results in your plan

Whilst the Best Year Yet programme will be bespoke for each individual or organisation the full programme will consist of the following parts:

  1. A work shop to create your own one page personal, business or team 12 month plan
  2. Use of an on-line tracking system called PRO (Producing Results Online), which will track and monitor how you are preforming with your plan
  3. Availability of online library of written and audio resources to support you in generating the results you want
  4. 12 month coaching support to ensure you deliver the results you want.

Best Year Yet is very flexible and can be adapted to suit almost anyone in terms of what you want to achieve, how quickly you want to achieve the results you want and what your budget is.  For the most impact in terms of the results that you want to achieve the full programme will give you the greatest return on your financial investment – on average the Return on Investment (ROI) for the full Best Year Yet 12 month programme is 10x, i.e for every £1000 invested you will get back £10,000

For more information about Best Year Yet in the UK please click here.