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Corporates and Teams

  • Does your team waste time doing stuff that doesn’t matter?
  • Know exactly WHAT (or who) should change — but it doesn’t?
  • Face a gap between results you need and results you get?
  • Frustrated about the low Say/Do ratio of your team?
  • Resigned to the fact that it could be years before things improve?

Best Year Yet team programme

There is a way — a proven path to your the results you want and need! Your team can be achieving goals by using the Best Year Yet System for Producing Results. For 20 years teams just like yours have been seeing a visible transformation in their behavior, attitude and performance — and the results they deliver, year, after year.

Our system is affordable and it works because we know that you already have the answers. Instead of giving you advice that you already know, yet feel guilty about because you don’t follow, with Best Year Yet together you answer 10 questions that result in your team’s one-page annual plan. You follow the simple, precise road map, using goal planning software and smart goals, goal management and tracking — step-by-step, through the next year — your best year yet.

Corporate events in the Alps

Get out of the office to get to know your team. see a different side to your colleagues.

Build comraderie

See things with a new perspective

Plan and strategy meetings take on a new dimension when seen with new view.

Contact me now to find out more about the team programmes we offer on site and in the Alps