Registered and Approved GrowthAccelerator Coach 


Find out if you are eligible for funding for business coaching

I am very excited to have become a registered and approved coach for GrowthAccelerator providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth.

GrowthAccelerator is  a partnership between the UK government and leading private sector business growth experts.  GrowthAccelerator  growth managers and growth coaches work with companies  to get to the heart of the barriers that are holding the business back and identify the critical steps to take to achieve the next phase of growth- rapidly and sustainably.

GrowthAccelerator provides a framework to help your business grow by:

  • Building a successful growth strategy
  • Discovering new routes to funding and investment
  • Unlocking your capacity for innovation
  • Harnessing the power of your people

How is GrowthAccelerator different from other services?

GrowthAccelerator exclusively targets high growth businesses who want to enter their next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there.

The package of support you will receive with GrowthAccelerator is bespoke, and focused on the specific needs of your business to realise its full potential.

Is my business eligible?

To be eligible for GrowthAccelerator, your business needs to:

  • Have the ambition, capacity and opportunity to double  in turnover, profits or employees in 3 years
  • Be registered in the UK & based in England
  • Have fewer than 250 employees
  • Have a turnover of less than £40 million

How much does growth accelerator cost?

Your contribution will depend on the size of your business. With Government co-investing in the growth of your business and making a major contribution towards the overall cost, you pay only a one-off fixed fee.

This fee is for the guidance and support you receive from your Growth Manager and Growth Coach, the masterclasses and workshops you attend and access to our match funding offer for leadership and management training. In addition, you’ll become part of a high growth community.

1 – 4 employees £600 +£700 VAT *

5- 49 employees £1,500 +£700 VAT *

50 – 249 employees £3,000 +£700 VAT *

* VAT is based on 20% of the nominal value of the service, at £3,500, so all businesses pay the same amount of VAT.

Background to GrowthAccelerator

For those interested in the background GrowthAccelerator was formally launched in May 2012.  It is a 3 year programme (extendible to 6 years) with the aim of helping 26,000 companies over this period.

GrowthAccelerator has specific targets to measure the success of the programme:

  • £2.8Bn GVA and 70,000 new jobs
  • Average of £108k GVA and 2.7 new jobs per client
  • £150m of finance to be raised

Client feedback so far:

There are currently 7,000 clients in GrowthAccelerator. A recent survey indicates that:

  • 96% have made progress in achieving the objectives set out in their scope of support95% believe that GrowthAccelerator has been ‘important’ in increasing their ability to achieve these objectives
  • 98% report that they are on track to achieve the key milestones set out in their action plan
  • 97% believe that GrowthAccelerator has been ‘important’ in increasing their ability to achieve these milestones
  • 94%of businesses were satisfied with the quality of their coaches
  • 92% were satisfied with their coach’s understanding of their business
  • 92% were satisfied with their coach’s technical skills

For more detailed information about GrowthAccelerator please click here to go to the web site: http://www.growthaccelerator.com/