Mont Blanc Coaching and Best Year Yet Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics provides guidelines for professional behaviour. It adheres to a standard of conduct that respects the client’s inherent wisdom and their trust in the BEST YEAR YET Online Coaching Programme.


Definition of Coaching

BEST YEAR YET Online Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps clients produce the results they want and need.  Through the process of coaching, these people deepen their experience through their one-page BYY plan while improving performance and enhancing the quality of their lives.

In each meeting, clients review their plan and choose a focus of conversation relevant to their needs.  The coach listens and contributes observations and questions that allow the client to focus and take action aligned with their goals. Coaching concentrates on results and enables the client to determine what they are willing to do, to get to where they want to go and be successful with their BEST YEAR YET plan.  BEST YEAR YET Online Coaches recognise that the results are a function of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.  BEST YEAR YET is not therapy, but a process of empowerment that seeks to bring out the best in a person and put it to work in pursuit of the goals they seek.



BEST YEAR YET Online Coaches respect and guard the confidences of each client.

They do not disclose confidences without written authorisation. An agreement will be obtained before releasing their names as clients or references or to another person compensating the coach.


Professional Conduct with Clients

BEST YEAR YET Online Coaches maintain high standards of professional competence and integrity.  They identify their level of coaching competency and do not overstate their qualifications, expertise or experience as a coach. They do not treat or advise on problems outside of the recognised boundaries of their competencies. They ensure the client’s understanding of the nature of coaching and the terms of the coaching agreement. The coach will notify the client if the client is no longer benefiting from the coaching relationship and would be better served by another coach or resource. Resources will be made available and the client will be encouraged to make the change.

The coach will seek to avoid conflicts of interest between his or her own interests and the interests of the client.  Whenever there is a potential conflict of interest, it will be openly discussed and mutually resolved.  The coach will disclose all anticipated compensation from third parties that may be received for referrals or advice concerning the client.

BEST YEAR YET Online Coaches maintain accurate and adequate coaching and financial records.


Written Agreements

Prior to entering the coaching relationship the coach clearly discloses and explains to clients all services provided along with policies and procedures for the agreement. Financial arrangements and fees are determined and an agreement is signed by the coach and client.


Standards of Ethical Conduct

BEST YEAR YET Online Coaches conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on the coaching profession.  They refrain from doing anything that would harm the public’s trust in the coaching profession. They will under no circumstances break the law for the client and will under no circumstances take advantage of the client personally, socially, sexually or financially.

The coach will honour agreements.  The coach will respect and honour the efforts and contributions of others and give recognition to intellectual property and creative work developed by others. The coach treats colleagues, competitors and the coaching profession with respect and supports the potential and dignity of every human being.