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Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

We work with companies from many different sectors who are ambitious about growing and want to find solutions to one or more of the following issues:

  • Lack of direction or a lack of control within the business
  • Lack of clearly defined business processes and/ or staff accountability
  • Requirement for higher client conversion
  • Management swamped in “stuff”
  • Business/Life out of balance

Do any of the issues above apply to your company?  If so your business could benefit from a bespoke coaching programme that would help you to move past your current challenges to achieve the results you want.

Through implementing a coaching programme we help business leaders to identify the current issues and barriers within the organisation, articulate a clear vision of where they want to get to and develop a strategic plan to get to the next level of growth and performance.  We ensure that each action for change within a company is sustainable,  so that the new level of performance provides a strong platform to attain higher levels of growth within the organisation going forward.

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How we work with SMEs and entrepreneurs?

We offer business owners a free initial strategic consultation whereby we assess your current specific business issues and needs. Having identified the main areas to work on in your company we would then send you a proposal of how we could work together.

Assuming that this proposal is acceptable to you we would then start working together to create a robust business strategy, which can be implemented to overcome current barriers within the company to achieve the next level of growth and results that you want. 

During our coaching sessions we will introduce you to interactive business tools that you can use to develop a clear vision of where you want your business to be in three years. Together we will also create a breakthrough plan for the next 12 months which focuses on the vital things you need to do to achieve your vision and accelerate the high growth journey of your business.

Who we work with?

We work with many different types of companies across a wide variety of sectors:

  • Start-ups                                            
  • Micro enterprises
  • Mid-sized companies
  • Family businesses
  • Sales teams
  • Retail businesses
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Financial services
  • Professional Services
  • Any business looking to grow

 Through coaching and training we can offer business support in the following areas:

  • Long term business planning
  • Sales performance
  • Product development
  • Customer growth and retention
  • People Management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Leadership and management training
  • Implementation of business process
  • Access to finance
  • Exit strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Problem solving

How will my business benefit from business coaching?

  • By working with a business coach your business will benefit from a fresh look at where opportunities exist, what plans are in place to exploit them and whether you have the right team is in place to deliver results.
  • Using interactive business tools you will be able to assess the current direction of your business versus its future vision and create a bespoke business strategy plan
  • With a clear vision of where you want to take your company you will be able to empower your team to plan, structure and be accountable for delivering the strategic plan
  • You will learn a fresh approach to managing your company, your people and financial control
  • You be able to move past current barriers within the company to deliver the results you want.

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For UK based businesses who are ambitious for growth, we can offer companies the chance to get access to business coach funding through GrowthAccelerator. For more information about the service offered and the funding available please click here: Growth Accelerator