Client reviews

Please find below a selection of reviews from my clients  explaining in brief what they have got from coaching from me.  Sometimes people are not sure what coaching can do for them so I hope that reading some of these comments will help to clarify the breadth and depth to which coaching can have a positive impact on your life and business.


Isabel’s coaching approach was fresh and direct and really helped me to work through a number of linked worked issues that were all contributing to one major challenge.  What I found particularly helpful was Isabel’s ability to break down this challenge into small workable actions/ projects thus making the key challenge very manageable.

I have managed to achieve all my agreed actions/ projects, which have all contributed to me overcoming my key challenge.  Overcoming my key challenge has made a huge difference to me personally but also has strategically contributed to the development and growth of my business in which I am a partner.

Isabel’s coaching style is a mix of challenge and support, her questioning style promotes deep thought and makes you think on a behavioural level rather than a task level.  I found that this approach has helped me to make key behavioural changes to my management style which is turn has helped me achieve key tasks. Where appropriate Isabel will provide support through encouragement.

A key skill of a good coach is the ability to listen and be non-judgemental and directive, Isabel has the quality in abundance and it is her natural style. Her ability to give you “clear space” to think is a strong quality and I personally believe has led to some of the key break throughs that I have recently.

J Luckhurst – Partner DGI (Global)


As someone who was ‘fire fighting’ through life, feeling the effects of stress in all my personal and work related roles. Isabel helped me identify that I didn’t know how to identify and create realistic goals.  I felt fear and I realised that my confidence was at an all time low because I didn’t have a clear path for the future.

With Isabel’s guidance, I now understand how to identify my goals, how to write them down and how to set actions and assign realistic time frames. Isabel also helped me create a ‘toolbox’ so that I have the confidence that should I lose sight of my goals, I have the tools to ‘get back on track’.

The coaching experience has exceeded all my expectations and has had a profound effect in every part of my life. I cannot thank Isabel enough for her time, patience and insight.  The experience has left me with the belief that everyone can benefit from personal coaching and I would not hesitate in recommending Isabel.

J Maclean-Martin, Owner, La Clinic du Sport Chamonix (France)


Isabel’s coaching has been fantastic.  As a result of the coaching I have gained clarity on where I want to go with my business and been able to set goals and use the tools Isabel gave me to move forward. 

Additionally I felt comfortable working with Isabel on other personal issues in which she was also instrumental in assisting me to move forward.

Isabel is a very good listener and appropriately prompts me to think deeper or more creatively when I hit a block.  She has been consistent in supporting me to summarise where I am at and committing me to take the next step to move me towards my end goal.  My coaching experience with Isabel has been extremely helpful to me and is ongoing.

I Wardrop, Venture Capital Investor  (UK/France/USA)


Isabel has been coaching me to establish my coaching business in Brazil.

Her style has helped me to face my reality and at the same time, to keep my dreams alive. She knows how to summarise brilliantly, not only making it simple and concise but also instigating me to think a step ahead.

There is a Brazilian expression “dando o nome aos bois” which means giving a name to each cow in the herd! Seems weird but it is a way to point that each part of something can be specifically described. A similar British expression that can have the same effect, let’s call a spade a spade! Believe me, no detail can pass without Isabel’s awareness.

Each coaching session has motivated me a little bit more and some results are a working routine, a business plan, a web site, an authentic pitch to divulge my service among others. 

As a coach, Isabel is second to none. She is helping me to enjoy the process of pursuing my business goals.

Thank you very much, Isabel!

Priscila Filleti – Partner Livre Eschola Coach, (Brazil)


The coaching sessions I had with Isabel were pivotal for me in gaining the clarity and focus I needed to help me get my business off the ground. Isabel shone at being both an empathetic listener and in imbuing the sessions with a bright, positive and infectious energy which quickly built rapport, and left me feeling more positive and energised.

Isabel’s approach was always professional and solution focused, and by listening, reflecting back and encouraging me to acknowledge the strengths that I did have and could use to my advantage, I came up with many useful actions that have moved me and my business forward.

Isabel’s support through this period of transition was also instrumental to me regaining my confidence both personally and professionally, and in helping me to establish better habits to achieve my desired outcomes.

R Carter, Owner, Insightful Success (UK)


Before I began the coaching sessions I must admit to be somewhat sceptical but I am now a convert! During the time that I benefited from Isabel’s expert  coaching I found her to be at all times professional, friendly, easy to engage with  and otivating.  Through her searching questions and exercises she caused me to reassess the way I regarded what I do and enabled me to have a different focus and perspective on my work life balance. I am extremely grateful for the help and direction that Isabel gave which and would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

N Braithwaite, IT consultant (UK)


I wanted coaching help from Isabel to become more focused on my work as a writer and to learn techniques to help me set, start, and complete my goals. Through our coaching sessions I learnt that small incremental changes can lead to big changes.

Through coaching I have learnt that the importance of having a plan to follow and the power of setting SMART goals.  I now also have the tools and the understanding to go forward with my work, rather than feeling trapped in a cycle of repetitive negative thoughts, and self-limiting beliefs.

I found Isabel to be very good at listening but also very direct at times, and didn’t allow me to waffle off on a pointless tangent, but rather kept me focused on the objective of the coaching session. I really enjoyed our coaching sessions and they always helped to refocus me on my main goal.    

J Smailes, Home maker and writer (UK)


Coaching has been a very positive transformative experience for me, one which went well beyond my expectations for personal development. Through the experience of being coached, I have learned that I can very directly effect change within me and thus with my life goals. Coaching has given me tools to more clearly be aware of and address my needs and to directly affect my personal growth in a very positive way.

What I enjoyed the most was the communication and sharing with my coach; I looked forward to my sessions as a very positive moment in my week. I was amazed by the trust I developed with Isabel and how easily I internalized some of the positive conclusions that I came up with during the sessions. In some sessions, I experienced like a light bulb being turned on and was able to do away with some deeply–held negative beliefs. I was surprised by the speed with which change came through.

I went into the coaching expecting to work mainly on my business objectives. After 6 sessions, I not only had clearer business goals but had also dismantled two fundamental and very limiting personal beliefs about myself and vis-à-vis a parent.

The biggest gift I received from my coaching sessions is experiencing first hand how absolutely possible it is to directly affect change within myself, habits and beliefs in order to affect my personal development and my well-being. It has changed the way I view and handle situations that challenge me – small or big. This experience will resonate for a long time but I see it as just a beginning and I plan to continue working with Isabel Knight, my coach.

L Feeney – Owner, manufacturing company, (Hong Kong)


The biggest impact the coaching sessions have had on me is on raising my self awareness. I am now able to remain focused and positive whenever faced with any challenges.

Isabel has a very warm, friendly caring approach that really helps the coaching process, building on mutual trust and respect. Isabel is very professional. A great sounding board for me, very encouraging and supportive.

I very much appreciate the coaching sessions, and wish Isabel every success in her coaching journey, through my own experience i know that Isabel will be an excellent coach to others.  Many thanks.

Michele Hartley,  Owner of Conseling practice  (UK)