How To Create Extraordinary Results In Your Life In Under 500 Words!

How To Create Extraordinary Results In Your Life In Under 500 Words!

Since we are all so busy in life trying to cram in as much as we possibly can, we don’t stop to take the take the time necessary to think and make the behavioral changes required to create different results in our lives.

I thought that in this blog I would condense down the key elements of making transformational change into 500 words or less – thus by keeping it short leaving you time to actually take the actions necessary to achieve the results you desire!

Here goes….

Listed below are the key steps for creating change in your life to help you to achieve the success you want. Follow the practical steps listed below and you will be on the way to creating extraordinary results in your life.

1) Create a Vision that Compels you and Fulfills your Personal Core Values – this is a blue print for how you want the future to look like

Practically how to do this:
a) Take at least one hour to reflect and answer the following questions:
i) What does success look like to you?
ii) What does your ideal day(s) would look like?
iii) If money was no object what would you be doing right now with your life?
iv) How do you want to be remembered when you are gone?

b) Write out your inspiring vision for your life touching all areas of your life.

2) Create Internal Alignment – align yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

Practically how to do this:
a) Review yourself on how well you take care of yourself in terms of your:

i) Physical well-being, (how well you sleep, eat, exercise, take care of yourself),
ii) Mental well-being (how well do you focus, get things done, have fun),
iii) Emotional well-being, (how well you connect with others, take time to experience joy, love, gratitude, appreciation, etc)
iv) Spiritual well-being (how well you live your values, live life with passion and purpose, enjoy boundless energy, give to others)

b) Create daily habits and rituals in each of these areas to improve your current score in each area.

c) Measure each month how you are doing in each of these areas to move towards greater alignment.

d) Examine your limiting beliefs that don’t serve you any longer and change them for new empowering beliefs.

3) Relentless Execution – take actions until you have achieved the results that you desire

Practically how to do this:
a) Break your vision down into small chunks e.g. different roles and timeframes 3,6,12 months, 3,5 years from now etc

b) Make a plan.

c) Set SMART goals for all areas of your plan.

d) Establish ways of measuring each goal.

e) Track how you are doing with your plan every month. (You can’t improve what you don’t measure!)

f) Get support in your life e.g. a network of inspiring friends, a personal coach to create accountability.

4) Celebrate your Successes

Practically how to do this:
a) Spend time at least once a month reviewing your plan and highlighting all the things that have gone really well in your life. Note down what worked so that you can repeat this and do more of the things that work for you.

b)Take 5 minutes every day to be grateful for the things that you have in your life and then acknowledge yourself for all that you are.

c) Find someone to share your success with. Failing that, make sure you pat yourself on the back and do something fun to celebrate how amazing you are!

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